Make Boots From Your Hide!

Some of the most amazing boots we have made are with customer hides.  If you have incredible hides lets make boots from them!  We can make boots from just about any hide.  We recommend gator hides at least 50cm wide.  Bring us your hide and let us design.  We will make something that will last a lifetime! 

 We recommend taking your  fresh hides to B&B Taxidermy.  We will work with them to take care of you from your Hunt until your finished incredible Boots!

If you are not in the Houston area, please mail us your hide.  Follow the instructions of the tracing and measurements in the file to the left.  Include this information and your contact details in the box with your hide. 

Please send the package to 4222 San Felipe St, Houston TX 77027.  Cost for the boots from your hide will be about $1.8K (depending on the design details.)

Lets Make Boots From Your Hide!
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