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Let's Design!
Don't worry about getting the details perfect, we'll work with you on all the specifics.  Go through the steps and then submit it.
We'll work with you on all pricing and custom fit details. You can send your measurements or better, just come b
y the shop!
Send any questions to  

Boot Terms
Welting Methods.jpg

Sketch a Design

Click on the below form and Download it. Grab some map colors and have fun designing.  It doesn't have to be perfect but it will give us an idea of what you want.


Toe Styles

Click on the below form and explore the different toe styles we offer.

D toe.jpg

Foot Measurements

Click on the below form and Download it.  Follow the steps, its easy.  Have someone trace your feet and collect a few key measurements. Email us all these details.


Stitch Patterns

Click on the below form and explore the different stitching patterns we offer.


Send your design details to  


We can source just about any hide.  Some of the most popular hides are American Bison and Calf.  The hides below are popular exotic hides to give you an idea for your boots.  Variations of color depend on availability.  Note that all our hides follow strict U.S. Fish and Wildlife as well as Cites regulations.

Wild Caught American Alligator

Wild Caught American Alligator.PNG

Nile Crocodile

Safari Nile Croc.PNG
Two-tone Croc.PNG


Safari Elephant.PNG


Tipped Elephant.PNG


Cowboy Ostrich.PNG



Rattle Snake

rattle snake.PNG


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