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About Us

The roots of Republic Boot Co were started in 2011 when ‘Empresario’ Chris Conrad took the divine calling to ‘Save Texas’ and embark on a journey to create handcrafted boots and leather products that would support the cultural heritage of Texas. Liquidating all their savings, he and his wife opened a small shop in west Houston and brought together the finest local craftsmen, creating an award winning small business.  Through many great experiences, yet significant adversity (on par metaphorically with the Texas Revolution), the custom boot brand of Republic Boot Co was created.  The foundation of the company is to present the BEST of Texas where Quality is paramount, but equally important is the Experience.  Republic prides itself on creating an experience that is entertaining, informative, ‘authentic Texan’ which is similar to being in a museum + saloon + engineering class + John Wayne film at the same time.


The success of the company is based on the incredible people that comprise the Republic family and the loyal customer base. Managing Partner ‘Blanco’ Brad Boyer is a master of many things (award winning singer-songwriter, bootmaker, family man).  He and Chris grew up together in Friendswood TX and still call it home today.  ‘Fireball Bill’ is someone that doesn’t meet a stranger and is the energy of the family. ‘Reverend’ Raul is the master bootmaker and is the engine behind the quality product (he came to Republic through divine intervention like most of the team).  He was making boots for John Wayne, Steve McQueen, and Roy Rogers way back and a long list of notable folks these days.  ‘Hippie’ Bill is the master leathersmith that has been with the team since the beginning. ‘Stitch’ Xavi creates incredible works of art and can stitch a boot in his sleep. ‘Life Coach’ Brett is the weekend sales force and has tremendous experience in fashion, boots, and everything in between . ‘Tito’ is the best repair guy west of the Mississippi, having left New York after making a name for himself repairing fancy footwear up there. Other team members ‘Crawfish’ Kerker, ‘Cuban’ Mario, ‘Scottio’, ‘Italiano’ Cosimo, ‘Seahorse’ Rankin (among many others) are all vital to the team.  The brand ambassadors ‘Chicken’ Mike, ‘Bag Lady’ Beth, ‘Zorro’ Dominguez, and many more help spread the love of Republic boots (check the ambassador tab).  There are a huge number of other folks, friends, and family that have supported Republic Boot Co through the years and the appreciation is beyond words.  Come be part of the family and join the Revolution - you might just get a bootshop nickname!

If you are not in the Houston area we can still work on custom boots with you.  Follow the instructions of the tracing and measurements in the file to the left.  Include this information and your contact details and mail them to us at   

 4222 San Felipe St, Houston TX 77027.  

We'll call you and go over all the design details then we'll mail your boots to you!

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